Lads to Leaders Update

Its January and we are wrapping up all those last minute details.

Chloe has finished Advanced Speech this year, I am very proud of how far she has come in the past year. She now volunteers for public speaking, last year she barely looked up from her speech cards.
Chloe and Blake have finished a year of Advanced Puppets, that is alot of work. Tedius work, like setting up the puppet stage…have a new script, having puppets for all..I am thinking I wont be doing Advanced Puppets next year, other than for VBS.
Blake and Camye have done Know the Books.

We are now working on for this year:

Puppets- We have an 8th grade team and a 3rd grade team. And WOW….last night was our first practice but I am very impressed!!

Speech- Chloe, Blake and Camye are all practicing away at their speeches!!

Song Leading- Chloe, Blake and Camye all have their songs selected and are practicing!!

Scrapbooking- Chloe, Blake and Camye are almost done!!

Art- Chloe, Blake and Camye are done!!!

Pearls- Test in February
Bible Bowl- Test in February

and if that was not enough….Blake and Chloe were both chosen to be on a Bible Bowl team, actually Blake volunteered to be on the 7th-8th grade team!!! He is soo excited!! I on the other thinking…more to do!!!!

For 2011- Chloe and I have committed to reading the bibly thru in a year!!!

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