Menu Planning Monday

Okay it has been awhile since I have done this. I had started freezer cooking..only problem with that is I need day to plan for another month and my freezer is empty and I dont have a day right now. So back to cooking everyday…

This week was easy because Kenny planned it for me!! He never gives a request of what he wants for dinner. He always says, “…Whatever you fix is fine with me.” But he has been on this weight loss contest at work and it ends today!!! YAY!! If he wins..we win $100 giftcards to the Outback!!

Monday- Lunch:Potatoe Soup
Supper: Cheesey Spinach Pasta
Tuesday- BIG breakfast
Wednesday-Hamburgers and Broccolli with Cheese
Thursday-White sauce Chicken Lasagna
Friday- Pizza
Saturday- Spaghetti Squash

Have a great week!!

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