Trip to Pittsburgh Zoo

Last Saturday we headed to the zoo with several friends from church!! It was a lot of fun..but very HOT!! We are all a little spoiled with having such a great summer that when it got to the 90’s for one week we all were ready for Fall.

Below is a picture of the shark tunnel…it is new at the zoo this year. It is really neat!! Our new family picture was taken in the same spot.

Below is one of the few pictures I have of Chloe at the zoo. She stayed a bit ahead of us with some of her friends. That is a monkey peaking over the tree at us.

We got to see the lions at an awesome time. But this lion was growling at the crowd. It went for several minutes….very neat.

Below is a place to measure how tall you to an elephant or a giraffe. Or Ben Roethlisberger …of course…only in Pittsburgh..LOL!!

Paul and his little friend Hannah pulling him along….

I think the polar bears were the best thing to see at the zoo!! They kept swimming around and we could watch them!!! They are soo cute…behind glass walls of course!!

Camye on a camel…

Kiddy Kingdom…here Paul comes!!

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