Church Family Picnic

Life has been crazy busy here!! But we have alot of fun!!! In the summer our church tries to plan at least one picnic per month. We meet at this great park way out in the middle of nowhere!!!

Here is Paul being silly with his friends..always posing for the camera!!!

Camye and her friend Jesse teeter-totering..okay I have no idea how to spell that..!!LOL!!

Blake had a great time finding all sorts of goodies..what you cant see in there is minnows and crawdaddies….

Chloe plays with the adults now…she loves volleyball!!! I know this a short and sweet blog!! Just catching up:)

6 thoughts on “Church Family Picnic

  1. Man, that first picture reminds me of when we were all little and we went to the creek (pronounced 'crick') that was near Mamaw Well's house. Remember? I look back at pictures– at the muddy, dirty water– and think, "How did we ever get in that??" I remember being so filthy when we got out– shoes were muddy and stinky, etc.! HA! Boy was it FUN!!!

  2. Good to hear from you, Wendi. I wondered what happened to you!!! Looks like lots of fun. I "ditto" Amy's comment – the last time we were there, I couldn't believe we actually got in that stuff and WENT UNDER!!!

  3. Thanks everyone!! We have just been crazy busy since starting school. I know Paul stayed at the "crick" for the entire 4 hours or more that we were there!!! He was filthy!!I can not believe we used to get in that crick water!!! Its funny because Mamaw and Papaw Wells used to let us and so did my other grandparents….but now NO ONE will let my kids because it is too snakey?? Hmm….I cant imagine that it is snakier now. LOL!!! Maybe they just like our kids better than us!!!

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