My garden and other things..:)

Here is my garden!!! My garden is literally out of control…we have planted 4 zucchini , 5 squash, 39 tomatoe plants, 15 bell pepper plants, 30 potatoe plants, a few rows of lettuce here and there, abou 25 watermelon, 6 spaghetti squash which are now taking over the garden, 2 rows of green beans, 1 row of lima beans, 2 rows of cucmbers and 6 Sunflower plants. Unfortunatly we think we have late blite on our tomatoes…which mean they will die.:( All 39 of those..I had such great plans. And a friend just brought me 30 cantalope plants with the blooms on..which I should get in the ground today!

We also have a pumpkin patch. They may not appear very large but they are doubling every day. We are in a pumpkin growing contest. We have until OCotber 20 to turn these pumpkins into the GREATEST pumpkins of all. It is with our 4H group and there is a $500 reward for the biggest pumpkin.

And flowers have bloomed. I have a flower bed in my front yard that every plant in it came from my mom’s yard. She has a over 100 year old house and we figure as massive as her flower beds (if you could call them that are). And she doesnt usually plant anything….so she divided them and gave me some. We figured they were extremely hardy since they have came back every year since we moved there 23 years ago. Mostly different varieties of Hostas, that bloom and I dont really even know what flower this is.:)

5 thoughts on “My garden and other things..:)

  1. That garden is awesome! I plan to have one next year… tomatoes and peppers for sure. Not sure what else. I am growing one tomato plant in a container right now and we have gotten several tomatoes. I also have a pot of basil and a pot of oregano. Fresh herbs are in a whole different category than the dried kind! They are awesome!! We have a pumpkin vine growing out near our compost pile from the jack-o-lantern guts I threw back there last Halloween! It is starting to take over the yard!!

  2. Thanks!!! I think the best plants grow from under the compost..!!LOL!!I do have rows of herbs too….forgot to mention. M face is the basil. I do have herbs I am drying all over my house right now. Fresh herbs are soooo much better!!!

  3. Have you ever put herbs in the freezer? Here's how I do it: Take fresh herbs and chop them up small. Fill ice cube trays about half full of the herbs and add some water to fill the rest of the way. Let them freeze solid then pop them out and put the frozen 'cubes' into plastic baggies and put them back in the freezer. When you want to use some, just drop a cube or two into soup, spaghetti sauce or whatever, and you have fresh herbs in winter! I love the basil too… I like to run my hand across it and then sniff!

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