Summer Fun With Friends

What a fun summer we have had!! It is over all too soon. School, soccer, dance and music lessons have begun.

Mia has a new friend, Ellianna. They are about 7 months apart in age. But they play so well together. Ellianna happens to be one of my best friends daughters, so they see each other quite well. These were taken at Ellianna’s older sister’s birthday party! Running around with a balloon:)

Camye and Mia….I love my girls!

All the girls at the party, big and little!!

Mia and Ellianna having a little girl swim while the older girls swam!!

One thought on “Summer Fun With Friends

  1. Mia and Ellianna are so cute together!!! How nice that she has someone her age to grow up with! I hope they remain friends as they get older and have these beautiful pictures to remind them of how their friendship began. I love, love, love this!!!

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