Home Study!!!!

Our home study was last night…I was a nervous wreck. We cleaned and cleaned. I was nervous. The kids were nervous. Kenny was fine…:)

It went soooo smoothly. Our social worker was very sweet. She asked us questions about ourselves, our families and each other. She looked around the house. And she interviewed the kids…who thought that was pretty cool.

It couldnt have gone any smoother if I could have planned it myself. We are thrilled.

She did give us one unexpected bit of information. She asked us if we realized that Korean adoption was rather quick. We told her we did, that we had read that it was 6-9 months wait after referral. She said she had just finished 3 Korean adoptions and each of them had taken…are you ready for this.


Okay 4 months..I can handle that. I want her to come home in 4 months.I need to digest this. I know that it may not be that quick. But I am a planner and want to start preparing. But we do know that our daughter has been born and we need her to come home…as quick as possible.

4 thoughts on “Home Study!!!!

  1. Hi! Are you with SWS? I know some people have traveled very quickly after sending in their acceptance paperwork – less than 3 months. Good luck! Congratulations on your home study! It's amazing how stressed we were before our home visit and it wasn't bad at all. Our social worker is wonderful!

  2. Oh wow!! Someone else just told me that they had heard sooner than 3 months. We are so excited!!Our adoption agencey works with SWS and I cant remeber the other one in South Korea? But they work with both?? I hope that good:)

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