A BIG Announcement….

Well I havent put this on Facebook yet…and I know just a few select friends and familes read this blog. But here is our annoucement

**************************WE ARE ADOPTING************************************

Yes it is true!! Our homestudy is finished and we are now about to start reviewing a few children’s files. Our hearts are being pulled toward a Waiting Child from South Korea. But we will see what the Lord has in store for us. We do plan to adopt toddler that is waiting to be adopted.

We do have some pictures of the little ones we are about to review and we are sooooo excited! But of course I can not release pictures without saying yes!! But I will ASAP!!!

Some answers to some humerous questions I have been asked so far:

******Will you homeschool this one? Yes, Yes I will.
******Are you RICH? No and it isnt really that expensive Have YOU checked into all your options?…will blog on that later.
******Are you crazy? You already have 4 kids. Yes, Yes I am.
****** What about Paul? he wont be your baby? Paul was jumping for joy when he found out there would be a smaller person in the house than him.
******What does Kenny think? Kenny is the reason I am writing this paritcular blog at this time because Kenny couldnt wait to make the announcement and announced a ALL GUYS church card party at a good friend of mine’s house. And i felt I must make the announcement to my friends.:) So is Kenny excited?!! Yes, Yes he is.:)
I think these questions are rather humerous.

3 thoughts on “A BIG Announcement….

  1. So excited for you!!! I look forward to reading the post about options. We aren't planning on adopting any time soon, but hopefully when the kids are older…

  2. Thanks for stopping by Gracie's blog. We adopted a sweetie from Korea 15 years ago. We took her back 5 years ago to work at her orphanage. We love Korea!!! Can't wait to see your cutie!What agency are you using?

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