~Home With Mia~

What a fun first day home!!! My older 4 kids are smitten, they just LOVE to play their new little sister. I think one of the best gifts you can ever give your children is a sibiling. She loves the puppies!! She loves to squeal and pretend they are chasing her. She puts her foot or hand out so they will lick her and then runs off so they will chase her. They arent paying that much attention to her, surprisingly, but thats a good thing!

She loves to get dressed up..she always wants to wear her Pororo backpack and slippers around the house. She think the slippers are hilarious.

When she looks at the camera, she says “Kim-chee”. She even had to wear her slippers outside to play!! She is having a blast!!

Paul is big enough for his big boy bike from last year! Grandma and Grandpa bought him an awesome scooter of his own (he has always used his sibilings) and I think it has given him the confidence to try his big boy bike again. He is riding it everywhere!!

We also went to Camye’s dance recital, but we were so rushed getting out the door and getting there, we forgot the camera. So pictures of the recital are coming, my friend with an even awesomer camera than mine took pictures for me.

Another blog…coming soon…~Sleeping With Mia~ or maybe it should be ~The Adventures of Sleeping with Mia~.:)

5 thoughts on “~Home With Mia~

  1. I love your pictures. I so very much agree that the best thing you can give your children is a sibling. Imagine the gift that Mia just got! She didn't have any and now she has a lot of people to love her. 🙂 Keep enjoying her!

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