~Seoul Day 5~

Day 5…about to leave our hotel. I am sad to say that we have been so jetlagged and getting our barings around the city, that we didnt get any of sights we were hoping to see today!! With 5 kids and many other to bring souveniers to, and plus all the things we wanted Mia to have. View out of our hotel…notice on gray and white cars…odd…sometimes a blue truck.

Another view…

Roses are in ful bloom here and beautiful!

A cool looking building…

Worlds biggest Ipads! No this is just an interactive map of the mall we were in. Korea is technology crazy…I love it!!!

Get ready Blake and Paul!! Coming soon to America..Super Mario Bros 2 for the Wii.

World Trade Center…very cool!

Insadong….loved shopping here!!! I have another blog coming with all our purchases!

We purchased Mia a name chop, it is the way Koreans sometimes sign there names. It says Heimee and in Hangul.

A hoteok…can you say AWESOME!! Full of honey, brown sugar and peanuts!!!

Kenny is quite the superstar..I came out of the store to this…these girls were doing a school project ( I think)…when I said good luck with your project they laughed!! When Kenny introduced me as his wife..the mood changed a bit. The handsome boy comments stopped..:)

This was what Summer’s friends were doing..LOL!!!

And then one girl introduced herself to me as Heimee and asked to have her picture taken with me…I said we are adopting a little girl names Heimee…she said Oh no not me..I am a big girl.. :):)

My friend from the Subway, very interested in us and what we were doing, if we knew Hines Ward. He was so sweet!

It was a great day! We didnt get to do all the things on my list, but I know there will be a next time!!!!

4 thoughts on “~Seoul Day 5~

  1. Oh I loved the shopping there. You'll just have to plan a return trip with the kids to see more. Oh and isn't the hotteok yummy. We never got to taste in in Korea (couldn't find it) but we do make it alot at home. Will be thinking about you and hope the transition goes smoothly with Mia.

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