Presenting Mia Grace Heimee Rogers!!!

Kenny and I right before we left…we were a nervous wreck!!! We left an hour and a half early!! I had little things to perk Mia’s interest in being her favorite Pororo (cartoon character) ring on my finger..which she saw and loved!!! But had to take it off my finger.

Kenny and I in the back, our SWS driver and our SWS social worker in the front…we drove 30 minutes to Mia’s home for our first visit.

A view of the countryside on the way…

We are here..her apartment complex. We put the camera away so we would scare her for our first few moments.

When we arrived, we gave our gifts to the foster mother and Mia her gift…we also noticed that the had hung Our FAMILY pictures on the entertainment center, who Mia turned and told us that was us and it was Omma and Appa.

Mia trying on her new sunglasses…this kid is hilarious!!!!!

Oh yes we found her a Pororo cell phone..broke the ice right away!…that is our social worker behind her. Isnt she beautiful?

Mia and her precious Omma…who we know she will grieve for terribly when she leaves to go with us. We are eternally grateful for raising her in such a loving home.

The foster mother gave me a photo book, an album and 3 discs of pictures of Mia. We are thankful to have these! Words can not describe how thankful.

Mia enjoyed showing us and telling us how cute she is …over and over and over…Mia …your Omma and Appa already know!!!!

Mia sat and stared at me for a few moments..very seriously….pondering…who is this woman?

Oh yes I even thought of putting the cell phone around my neck…it worked..this teeny weeny baby girl came over to chat with me on it.

She is very ticklish…very ticklish!! She sat on my lap and we tickled a little!!

Mia and her Omma telling us good bye!!!

This was such an awesome experience to get to visit with her in her home and to see what kind of life she has. Some things we learned…this kid is hilarious. She is potty trained. She drinks out of a regular cup and doesnt spill it. She still takes a nap. She is going to LOVE her big brothers and big sisters!!! They are going flip at her teeniness!!!! I mean she is soooo tiny!!

To top off an even great day..we got to meet a friend from my adoptive forum Maryleigh and her husband Nick and their little one Bates, they are here to adopt Bate’s little brother Brodie…check out her blog at We had a great visit!! It was so nice to speak to someone who understood English.

7 thoughts on “Presenting Mia Grace Heimee Rogers!!!

  1. I am so excited for you! She is gorgeous!! I love the pictures. It is so awesome that they have all those pictures for you too. šŸ™‚ Enjoy and I can't wait to see her in her new home soon!! šŸ™‚

  2. WOWWW!!! Mia is so lovely! I know her foster momma is going to miss her so. I do wonder if you will be allowed to send pics each year at Christmas or how that works. šŸ™‚

  3. The more I scrolled to read and look at pics, the more I cried! How exciting for you! I'm praying already for a smooth transition and then, long-term, for her adjustment in leaving her foster parents.

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