~Seoul Day 4 Randomness~

Here is some randomness on our trip….this place is busy busy busy!!! Today we went to a Lotte Mart..which is like a Super Target with like 4 floors..It was awesome!!!! MOre business…see the Pizza Hut in the far background…we ate their today!

Us in the middle of the business!!

These are the 2 pizzas we ordered at Pizza Hut. We are so used to everything being supersized..nothing NOTHING here is. We have had a terrible time finding food. We have been skipping meals….and we are always starving. So we each ordered a regular pizza and hoped to take rest back to our hotels. Well their regular pizzas are a little bigger than a personal pan pizza in the states….needless to say Kenny devoured his and finish mine off too..And it cost $33.00!! Cha=Ching!!

This was an awesome greenhouse inside of the Lotte Mart…they just grow their lettuce!!

$9 ice cream from 7-11…food is soooo expensive here!!!

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