~Seoul Day 2~

Okay we are out of order here..because I dont know how to rearrange pictures. Let me just say…Koreans are stylish…they are dressed so stylish. We went over to the Dangdumun Market and the women were shopping like no place I have seen. Below is a picture of some stylish shoes. My feet were killing me in my nice comfy shoes..some were wearing 4 inch heels..!! Yes I look like a dork…but I bought this awesome pineapple on a stick…it was really good but juicy. Sit down and eat this, dont try to walk around with it.:)

Kenny got this fabulous…tatertots and fries fried around a hotdog..He said it was really good.? I didnt try it.

Look at these toddler clothes…arent they incredible! I love the leggings, lacy skirts with matching shirts. Oh so cute!!! We plan to get some after meeting Mia today and we see what size she is. We havent had a weight on her since September 2010.

Our first day to explore….starting out fresh and ready to go!!:) There are signs at almost every street corner with English and Korean on them. Very helpful, if you know where you are going…which we did not.:)

Our typical Ken/Wendi…we do this anywhere we get a cool oppurtunity.

We found Pororo in the Seoul Subway Station…it was so cute!! I had to get his picture for Mia. I am guessing the some Koreans are like some Americans..they leave their Christmas decor up all year.
Picture of the Subway…seems like total chaos..but it is complete organazation! Love it!! the best way to get around and least exspensive!!
We walking some back alleys(we were told too) and came across this awesome parking contraption. Slide your card and your car will come down for you. When there is as many people as there are here..I am sure you must be creative on parking space.
Subway! I thought Americans were crazy about their electronics…every where we looked people are on their cell phones, IPads, carrying antennas for their phone to watch TV. Everytime we stopped for directions…we would show them our maps..they would say, “We have an ap for that” Cant complain love my Iphone and Aps as well.
Not so busy street corner..
This is the basement of the Lotte Department Store. Very high end, mall and food. Grapes were $10 here! We are looking for street vendors for fruit tomorrow!:)
There are 2 things that remind us of Mexico here..1. the smell- there septics arent sealed like ours(but the smell here comes and go, Mexico was all the time, everywhere) and 2. the electric wires..crazy bunch of wires.
Our hotel bathroom…is very odd. The walls are glass..so zero privacy. The bathtub is definetly for a woman under 5 foot and zero hips. And I am a 5’5 and have much more than zero hips..

But the toilet is awesome…their septics may not be up to our standard in America..but their toilets are incredible!!

First of all, their is a light in the toilet for when you use it at night and they have a BEDET!! I had only ever seen them on House Hunter International…these are awesome!! Why doesnt America have these yet?

My cousin told me I was lucky to have one here, and out in the country they have squatter potties. I didnt even ask what that was. I am enjoying this futuristic toilet this week.
Okay so you may think this blog doesnt have much feeling in it….I cant explain the way I am feeling. I am overwhelmed, exhausted, elated, excited, exhausted, anxious and nervous. It is about 1:30 in the morning..I cant sleep. I know we will be meeting Mia in 12 hours. 12 hours..I will meet my 5th child. Oh my..the feelings that are rushing over me are completely unexplainable. Please pray for us to have a fabulous meeting!!!Stay tuned for more exciting blogs to come…

7 thoughts on “~Seoul Day 2~

  1. Thanks for posting pictures! So incredibly excited for you and your family. Blessings on you guys, for a safe trip and for a fun and happy meeting with Mia! Love you guys…

  2. LOVE your blog postings and can't wait to see more pix. This is probably as close as I'll ever get to Seoul so I'm loving it – well….except for the glass enclosed bathroom & skinny tub !! Can only imagine the feelings you 2 are experiencing but know how excited you are to meet the newest member of your family. Good luck for a successful first impression.

  3. Those are great pictures. It's so neat to see how other cultures live. Praying for a good day on Monday and all will go smoothly. Keep us up to date….I will be stalking your blog!!!Tonya

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