Things to Accomplish Before Mia Comes Home…..

With this one little picture, I knew…I knew she was the one that I would hold in my arms. She is the one who is in my daughter. The one who has been living in another world away from me, until we could figure out we wanted to adopt. I am already in love her.

I have to prepare for Mia to be home within 7-11 weeks, this is soon!!! I have a ton of stuff to get done.

Things to purchase:

~toddler bed

~car seat

~sippy cups CHECK

~potty chair

~Pororo table and chair

Things to do around this busy house.

~Finish the school year with my 9th grader, 6th grader, 4th grader and kindergartner

~ Get the older three evaluated

~Have Blake tested for 6th grade (should have done that last month) CHECK

~Order 10th grade, 7th grade, 5th grade and 1st grade curriculum(well what I dont have)

~ Clean Front closet

~Weekend in Nashville CHECK

~10 days in Texas CHECK

~4 days in West Virginia

~High School co-op trip to Cedar Point

~Plan High School Sock Hop CHECK

~Reorganize Kitchen cabinets CHECK

~Sort reason to have about 300!!

~Plan and organize a VBS

~Plant a massive garden

Hold on Mia…Mommy is coming ~!!!!

6 thoughts on “Things to Accomplish Before Mia Comes Home…..

  1. Hi, stopping by from my blog to say I just saw the pics of your newest little one, and I recognize her (I think)! She is adorable…congrats to you and your family!

  2. Thanks Grace!:) You probably do recognize her from the adoption site.:)Happy Elf Mom- I know we won't learn Korean..but I hope to learn some baby phrases.:)Thank you!:)

  3. I thought for CERTAIN you were serious about the Korean!! You can do it! P.S. I know I am in southern Ohio but I have a toddler bed you can totally HAVE! Its white, does the crib, converts to toddler bed thing. Depending on where you go in WV maybe I could meet you somewhere? Love ya!

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