What every little girl needs…

A place to keep her hair accessories….what else? Camye and I decided to make Mia Grace, a place to keep her hair bows. Everyday we get closer, every step of the way…it becomes more real.

I need get my toddler mom hat back on and start preparing for our new little girl. Mostly we have been preparing by reading loads of adoption books and scouring the internet for information.

But now we need to get moving..a bed, a car seat, toys, clothes and of course, hair bows!!

4 thoughts on “What every little girl needs…

  1. Ok, Wendi, just the fact that you guys did that for her already makes me cry. This little girl is so blessed to be entering a household filled with so much love for her and to be getting a mom who so incredibly loves her children, even the ones she has never met.

  2. We have already changed her name on our legal documents for Korea. So making a hair accessory holder with her name on it was much easier to make, than writing that change of a name on the legal document! LOL!!

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