Our First Gift to Mia Grace

I need to say that if it wasnt for a few special friends telling me what do with this adoption, we wouldnt be as far along as we are in the process. I just found out today though that I could have already mailed our special FIRST GIFT EVER to Mia Grace!!

So I already have it all together and will be shipping it tomorrow. I thought you all might like to see it, especially those of you just starting the process.:)

It doesnt really look like alot….but I had to fit it all into one ziploc bag! So 2 outfits, a small doll, a family album full of pictures of us, stuffed pink bunny, spiky little rubbery toy, a card for the foster mom and 2 little starbucks coffee for her as well. I am not sure I was allowed to add the card and coffee for the foster mom, but if it werent for certain friends on the adoption forums I wouldnt know as much as I do know. I have also been told, that I may never see any of these things again.

So that’s its, doesnt seem like much to send to my baby girl…but it’s a start!!

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