I have been bitten by a …CRICUT!!!!

Isnt this beautiful??!!! This is my Cricut!! I love it!! I have been wanting one for a while now ever since I used a good friends to help with my kids L2L scrapbooks. Only they are done..and I need to get back to my scrapbooking.
By the way..Joann Fabrics has this on sale for $89 until March 6th. Regular price $199.99!!!

It comes with one cartridge and it is soooo awesome!!!

4 thoughts on “I have been bitten by a …CRICUT!!!!

  1. We have one at work… I still haven't been brave enough to try it. By the time I would get it figured out, set, and stuff to cutting, I could have used the old-fashioned die cut machine by then! My bosses just laugh at me…

  2. You should try it Amy!! I had used my friends this past year. It took me forever to get it and they laughed with me thru it too!! But once you have it figured it out! It is awesome!!!

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