My dog may be having idenity issues…

Okay I am not sure if I have ever blogged much about my dogs!! We have 2 Maltese/Shih Tzu dogs. They are 4 years old. They are very sweet little dogs. They arent the best behaved dogs…because I do not have the time to train them or walk them as they should be. They are loved and fed though!!!! Our puppies are sooo close, Tex and Penny. Kenny’s parents have their brother Scooter…very cute to see all them playing!!

Like I said ….they are loved!! Paul LOVES them..I mean LOVES them…he is sooo close to both of them!!! Maybe because he was only 6 months old when we got them…but his entire day is based on what the dogs are doing. But lately I think Penny maybe wanting to change her idenity, in hopes of keeping Paul away..!!! I found Penny in this box….Paul said she wanted to be a “Puppy in His Pocket”….hmmmmm. Highly Doubtful!!

While we were in Texas, my adorable niece Amelia was napping so peacefully in the dining room, I just peaked in on her to find our Penny…on her lap!!!!!!!!!!! Sleeping so peacefully!!!

One thought on “My dog may be having idenity issues…

  1. LOL When I first popped on I thought that you had five children and just didn't update your profile. I mistook your dressed-up dog for a baby a second there! 🙂

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