MOPS Moppets Brunch

Chloe has been a MOPPET worker for the first time this year. She gets community service for volunteering at our MOPS group. We just had our end of the year MOPPETS brunch to honor all our MOPPETS workers. It was alot of fun!!

Recieving her gift and certificate…
And below you will see the Grape Slushie group I belonged too. Our theme for MOPS this year, was Welcome to the MOPS carnival. So each discussion group got a name…ours being Grape Slushie and we earned Queens of the Carnival for this year because we earned more tickets than everyone else!! YAY!!

I am sad to say that I may not be returning to MOPS next year, I am needing to take something off of the schedule. MOPS may be one of them. We will see if I can stay away though when it starts. I am still doing the summer time bible study though:):)

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