Mondays Menu Planning 5/25

Here it is…

MOnday- Out of town….at a picnic. But I did prepare Tastefully simple Spinach dip and beer bread and a pasta salad
Tuesday- Headed to Chuck E Cheese for Paul’s 4th birthday.
Wednesday- Chicken Fajitas with peppers, onions and rice
Thursday- Hamburgers, Corn on the Cob
Friday- Homemade Pizza Braid
Saturday- Chicken Penne Pasta
Sunday- Leftovers but at our life group I will probably serve another Tastefully Simple dip and another beer bread.

Look forward to reading yours!!!

7 thoughts on “Mondays Menu Planning 5/25

  1. Great menu! I don’t have mine quite altogether yet! We are cooking out this afternoon and Thursday we are going out for Hannah’s birthday– she wants to go to Steak and Shake.By the way, I know you cook and bake a lot… have you ever made your own vanilla? I have been making it for years and it is GREAT!

  2. I am going to send you two recipes… one is for Amish Friendship bread and the other is for Hot Fudge Sundae Cake… everytime I take it to a gathering, it gets great raves!

  3. Amy- THat is sooo funny that you said that about the Amish bread. My cousin just gave me a starter today. I love that stuff!!!Yes Annika I will post the recipe:) Thanks for checking out my page.:)

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