More Hospital Visits….


Just a cute one of my little two….chilling on the bed. On the other side of that mattress behind Mia is another child. HyunSoo knew exactly what he was doing..he could throw items at just the perfect spot to bounce off the wall and into the next bed. Fabulous! He is a smart kiddo!


Not sure why but they had changed his I.V. location from leg to arm…


Cade, his hospital caregiver, Ms. Ko (the social worker who took us on this visit), and Blake

I have decided to leave my thoughts and feelings about this hospital caregiver off social media.


My baby boy still sucks his thumb…be still my heart. I love it!


Family photo..he was waving to us goodbye…well sticking out his tongue acutally. But we will take what we can get.:)


And this was a little more accurate of a partial family photo….HyunSoo and Appa joking around!

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