DMZ: North Korea Border

I have been very interested in North Korea since adopting from South Korea. I have read many books and learned how sad it is.
However visiting the DMZ and seeing the efforts of South Korea for unification….I left with such a sadness for the North Korean people.


Ribbons hung by families who were separated from the Korean War, decades ago. Yet they still hang and still haven’t been reunified.


A train and tracks from a once connected Korea….now does no run at all because of the divided country.

Unification is mentioned almost everywhere you look.


Excuse the young man in front of the map…oblivious to our tour guide showing us the details of the 4th tunnel. He was an awesome guide, so very knowledgeable.

This was the only actual picture of the tunnel before we entered that was allowed. I highly recommend getting in shape before going on this 4 mile tunnel underground. And hello take off your coat…Wear THE HARDHATS they offer. I am 5″4 and hit my head several times. I saw several women in the tunnel without a hat. I know they had to have hit their heads many times. Forget your hair…wear the hard hat. I was very scared…Blake led the way. Several times I tried to back out… I mean Hello…we are in an underground tunnel…built with North Korea hands with the intent to attack South Korea from underground. Dynamite markings were everywhere. My chest was so tight. Blake several times said..for the sake of homeschooling…keep going mom. So I did. But alone..I would have bailed.

Peaking throught the whole at the end of the tunnel to the North Korea side was UNREAL.


A few shots outside of the tunnel…not sure what this said.

Again…reunification is the entire point of the DMZ on the South Korea side. This statue says it all.


Our super cool tour bus….


Unification…yet again.


Some other Americans were at the DMZ…love that they had the American Flag there.


North Korea is beyond the binoculars. Unreal to me.


Cameras were only allowed so far.



We were told only the tallest and most handsome male soldiers are placed at the DMZ. This was a train station the US helped South Korea with to again….help reunification along…didn’t really worked. No one was there to go to Pyongyang…hello can you blame them?



I did pay for the passport stamp to enter North Korea…50 cents….they recommended not putting it on your real passport since some countries wont allow you to reenter with a North Korea stamp on your passport. So I just put it on my ticket.

Nice to have a good ole American President represented at the DMZ.

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