Hospital visits…

When we first visited HyunSoo it was in ICU. He was alone and verybsad little guy.

But our second and third visit was with HyunSoo in his room shared with 3 other children.

On these two visits.. Amsa(his orphanage) were with him. They were incredible. Friendly. Recognized Avah. Interested in us. They stayed in the room to keep hyunsoo feeling safe with familiar people around. Those visits went perfect.But after these care takers left.. A caretaker from the hospital arrived and HyunSoo knew her and felt safe with her but for some reason she was afraid of us and apparently we may be scary.. Imagine that! Haha

Anyway.. Hindsight is 20/20… And i think it was cultural differences which i can respect and let go. And i will. It just made a trip i had been anticipating for 18 months not go as planned.

As soon as my jetlag lifts.. I will complete that blog.

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