Sitting and waiting

Yesterday when we arrived at the adoption agency I knew something was wrong. I felt like we had the plague or something. This is so odd. We have always been embraced by our Korean Agency but I just felt like something was wrong.

Then I realized our appointment had been wiped off the dry erase calendar .. I started feeling sick. I even emailed our agency director in the US… To see if she knew what was up.

HyunSoos social worker which happened to be Mia’s social worker and great Facebook friend.. Walks over and says we need to tell you something before we leave. My stomach dropped.

I felt sick.

Then she told us he was in ICU and had vomited blood. Long story short.. He suffers from hyper portal tension due to the veins being so large around the cirrhosis still pumping blood and one had ruptured. I am sure my liver friends could explain this better but this was my understanding yesterday after meeting with the … … Head of the liver clinic and his team who has always had HyunSoo in care.

The first time we only visited for 20 minutes and he was pretty much out of it. In fact I am sure he was drugged.. He is an active little boy and I can’t imagine he sits in ICU quietly.

Here are some photos that I haven’t shared yet.







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