Hard stuff

It is hard to put part of your heart on a plane to travel half way around the world.

To a place..

…Where you know lice lie await your child

… A place where up to 8 kids sleep in three bunk beds pushed together…. In smothering temperatures.

…lots of walking to and from school with very little food to fill their bellies.

…no parents to hug and kiss them every day.

…lost in a cruel cruel world…

However….. We loved her more than we knew possible for 6 very short yet long weeks.

She read part of the Old Testament and the entire New Testament. Many Christians can not say that.

She read the story book, “Good and Evil”.

She has a storyteller box that tells the story of Christ in Chin@se with her.

She has a 53 pounds suitcase.. Yes 53 pounds… Delta didn’t say a word. Praise The Lord and thank you Delta!!! Full of goodies… New jeans, a winter coat, snow boots, sparkly pencils, gifts for her teachers and director, sweaters, warm PJ’s and cooler PJ’s, socks and craft kits to share, oh and one special gift for her friend Abby who was left behind unable to be hosted this time due to lack of paperwork…

We have equipped her with all physical and hopefully some emotional protection until we meet again.

If you have never considered hosting… Or adopting or fostering. I recommend hosting..
It’s a short time. Best experience for my children at home to love on a child who needs it fiercely.

To quote Paul, our house sure seems empty and a lot less laughter with Gina gone.

So much to do to help the fatherless… Please consider this option.

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