A little update..

We haven’t heard if our sweet girl Gina made it all the way back to her orphanage yet… She had a one hour flight to Detroit.. We were sent these pictures… Which break my heart.



I had such hope of her getting with her friends and cheering up as she told of her stay with us. She did a little in Columbus. But if you saw the other pictures on my Facebook from Detroit.. It doesn’t appear it lasted long.

She arrived in Beijing on our Sunday night at midnight. She had to wait for the other flights to arrive with the rest of the kids.

And then board a 10 hour train ride to her Orphanage. We haven’t heard if they arrived yet and we are still hoping for pictures of the flight and of them in Beijing.

Please continue to pray for Gina!

Everyone keeps asking how we are doing.. Of course we are broken hearted and saddened. But wouldn’t change a thing. So happy to have loved her for 6 weeks. So happy to have given my all.
I haven’t been taking calls because quite frankly I have shared all I care to share on Facebook or my blog. I just don’t want to talk about it right now. So if you would to talk about other things right now.. Give me a call. I might answer!:)

Thank you to all who reached out to Gina that came to meet her and sent cards. It was very appreciated and helped Gina understand more of what a family consists of.

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