Our last night…

Tonight I was reminded of a little girl who arrived terrified just 6 short weeks ago. As I lay her pajamas in the bathroom and turn on her shower water… I realize she can do it now. She didn’t know how when she arrived.

She always comes out of the shower with her hair dripping over her face.

Tonight was no different…

She does that and I comb it back and comb out the knots.

Who will comb it next? When will her next warm shower be?

I started crying as I realize this will be the last night I lay her pajamas out and turn on her shower water or comb her hair. .. Possibly forever or possibly just a short while.

My heart aches for what lies ahead of her in own country.

I beg you to pray for Gina and many others…


Freshly showered and hair combed.. Writing so earnestly in her beloved journal.

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