I am struggling right now.

I am seeing and hearing so much negativity towards people wanting to make Radical decisions to follow Christ.

From Christians.

Radical decisions are hard enough the way it is. But to have other Christians ignore, gossip and tell you your crazy doesn’t help.

However I don’t feel like these people realize Satan is using them so actively to discourage another from what God wants them to do.

So here is my advice (my blog.. Don’t want it .. Don’t read it.;))

1. Ask yourselves these questions.
-are you jealous that you don’t have the faith to make this decision?
– why can you not respect what others do and pray for them?
– what are you teaching your children?

2. Pray for them.

3. Look for your radicalness.. That fully consumes you and keeps you on your knees.

4. Don’t knock it until you try it.

5. Don’t shatter someone elses chance of a family by trying to talk them out of it.

6. And when all else fails.. Be quiet. If you have nothing else to say.. Say nothing at all.

Because hello… Look up statistics on a child becoming Christians if they stay in an orphanage…. They don’t…
Adoption is one of the biggest answers to modern day slavery and human trafficking.
-Matthew 25:40

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