A phone update from Sickville

On my phone.. I have many photos of toes, fingers, knees. Anytime the little girls get a booboo.. We must send it to daddy! So this morning… We had a booboo on our toe. This is Avahs toe.

Exciting I know..:)

I am member of a group of adoption moms who resale their kids clothes… This was an adorable etsy custom that Avah loves!!

A surprise find from my friend Karen… In one of our Korean agencies publications.. Was an article on our little guy when he was a year old! Isn’t he adorable?

And sick… Mia had her tonsils and adenoids removed. She did great until days 5-8… And wow!!!!! Vicodin wasn’t helping.

We are seeing the end of the tunnel with her ear pain. Finally.

Now we have a fever/cold and a stomach virus..luckily not all kids have both. Praying it goes away. Quick!
I feel like we have been sick since September. This is seriously the sickest we have ever been. Even my older kids are getting it… And they never do.

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