Our Adoption Journey

I have been asked to document our adoption journey for a college study so here goes…
July 2010, we went on a mission trip to the City of Children in Baja, Mexico. My husband, Kenny and I came home feeling we needed to do more. But what? We already had four kids. We drove a mini van which was about full. So from the day we came home…we kept wondering. We thought we should adopt domestically. Why not? So many kids available right here? Well we were turned down everywhere we looked. Unless we wanted to wait a long time for a child not even born yet. We knew our child was already waiting.
So after having one door after another shut in our face…we decided to look internationally. We looked at rainbowkids.com. We found a precious little girl on December 9th. She was listed with CHSFS. I started calling her social worker…and calling and calling and begging. I just knew she was mine! I knew it. February 21st, we received her file and on February 22nd, we said yes. She was 2 1/2 years old and had two severe diagnosis. Both untrue.We recieved our travel call on May 26th. The entire time we were in Korea getting our sweet Mia Grace. We knew we had another daughter..we were just waiting for God to reveal who she was.
Seven weeks of begging for yet another little girl file….and the same CHSFS social worker sends me a surprise file and she was almost 4 years old. She has Neurofibromatosis type 1(which she has) and many others diagnosis’ which she doesn’t have. She was so beautiful and we knew she was our missing daughter. She was 11 months older than Mia but we didn’t mind. We recieved travel call for Avah Noelle on May 21st, 2012, five days shy of Mia’s travel call.
We met Avah on May 24th. She ran into our arms and said, “Let’s go to America!” She is a total joy. In the same hour of meeting Avah, a little boy toddled straight into a wall. And was screaming….crying…he was hurt. He was lieing on his back …just wailing. No one was going to get him. Kenny and I could not take our eyes off of him. A few minutes of crying and our Korean social worker went and brought him to me. She showed me his scar from a previous surgery and told me he needed a liver. I looked at her and said, “I want him.” I knew it. I just did. He looked back into my eyes….and touched my face. A total and complete GOD moment. The Korean social worker told  me he was on our US adoption agency list. I was in disbelief I had never seen him before. But it was true…he was there just waiting. I waited for every door to shut. Every single door opened. Our insurance pays 100% of transplants….we live near the best liver hospital on the East Coast…and the biggest obstacle…Korea approved us. We have six children so it is unbelievable we are approved. Praise GOD!! We are currently working on paperwork and hope to travel this summer. ‘Robert Cade HyunSoo was three years old in January.
Funds….God has allowed us to adopt Avah and Mia DEBT free. We are however short about $12,000 for Cade’s adoption. We know God will provide. We will be having some online auctions to help fund, apply for grants and of course a donation can be made on our paypal button on the right side.

Please check out our adoption fundraiser auction on facebook.

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