Adoption Auction Underway!!!

Here is the link:!/profile.php?id=270740439724022&__user=1250353779

I am in complete disbelief.

God is so awesome.

My friends are incredible!!

But below are just a few…yes a FEW items that have been donated to an adoption auction honoring our adoption. I can NOT believe this. I am AWE!!!


It will be a public auction….starting February 28th.

But we have a twist… to the bottom!!

Just the necklace and earrings….but loved this photo from Pinterest.


AND SO MUCH MORE!!!! Praising God for such AWESOME friends!!!



We are having a giveaway as well!!!!

An iPad MINI!!!!!



Here is how to win!!
1 chance for every bid. ($1 increments or more only)
5 chances for everytime you share our page on your facebook page
5 chances for anyone who has the winning bid on any item
20 chances for every $10 donated on our blog (click DONATE on top right)

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