Off to a busy new year!

I love a new year. I love fresh starts. I love COLD weather… Not that it is very cold right now. I love the busyness of our L2L group at church. I love that spring isn’t that far away!!

I love a fresh start with school. All these things were in the dollar bins at Target!!

Mia and Avah couldn’t wait to do their homework for ‘Dr.Suess’ class for co-op.

Paul needs hands on fun.

He was thrilled to be make gak!

Avah needed some sensory unloading and enjoyed the gak as well.

These fabulous three goofing around… Sledding every single
Day for hours!!! Love this!

Still attempting gluten free.. Awaiting test results still. But I love gluten free stuff. I tried my hand at gluten free poptarts. So good. So easy. So messy.:)

Gluten free cheeze it’s… Sure why not? They taste exactly like the real thing!

And I’m sorry about this photo… But I thought it was too cute. Mia has low tone so I find her lounging quite often in unusual spots. Tonight I came to get her ready to bed… I found her like this. She says.” what I love this new potty seat Daddy bought.”

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