Hello friends!!! I am writing this blog because of a close friend who is adopting a little girl from Ch/na. She has spina bifida and is cute as a button. Many know this friend and knows she had a rough start to 2012 and is struggling with believing she can raise the funds or get the grants. I know most anyone can understand where she is coming from. I mean $25,000 is a huge amount to come up with!

So my idea is to remind her of what God can do!! I am going to be helping her do an online Facebook auction.

What I am asking is…if anyone has anything laying around after the holidays…things to return, things you dont like, things that dont fit, leftover items from your own adoption fundraisers, things you mean to sell on ebay but never got around too…anything!! If you would either send me a photo and description or send me the item and I will list it for her auction. SO please share your ideas with me. I have a two 31 bag (but can never have too many of those), a Matilda Jane dress, lots of Gymboree, jewerly, adoption tshirts, 2 paintings, 3 asian drawings, DS game and a Milwaukee power tool(my husbands dream adoption fundraiser). I will share as more people private message me. Anything goes!!

If you have a friend who is crafty, sells something or has a lot of stuff then please share my blog with your friends!! They can donate or shop!!

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