Highlights of 2012

My precious Camye turned 11!

Cora and Sarah got to come home!!!

Paul turned 7!!

Avah finally got to come home!!!

I believe with everything that I know… That I met someone the same day as I met Avah… For a special reason.

Attachment, coddling, cocooning… So much joy.

My baby girl turns 16!!!!! This has been an amazing 16 years. She is So incredible!!! Love her so much!!!

There is just something about having your youngest and oldest children be so close! Melts my heart to see them together.

And finally our front porch and garage DONE!!! We didn’t want to add that onto our mortgage when we purchased our house so we agreed to wait for both…8 years later!!! Ta da!!! Love it!!!

Oh and my oldest baby boy turn into a man right before my eyes…. What a wonderful son!!

And to watch this little girl turn 4 years old… Ride a bike, spell her name, write her name, know her ABC’s, count to 10, know her books of the New Testament…and go to bible class alone!!!!! Is one of the biggest joys and blessing ever!!!!!

Finalizing Avah Noelle SeeEun… Praise God she is home forever!!!

Sweet sweet girl.

Makes a friend everywhere we go.:)

Christmas with these 6 precious children….. Was wonderful!!!

And watching Avah come into her own on Christmas morning and onher 5th birthday.. And first birthday home…To realize.. Yes I am special. To watch hope shine in her eyes. Was truly a God sent day!!!

And to spend all these moments with God our great redeemer.. Who thankfully ADOPTED
me and forgives me of all my sins. Thank you lord for sending the love of my life to spend it with!!!

Goodbye 2012…. I am ecstatic as to what God has planned for 2013.
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