Day 2 Gluten Free

Okay today was a little rough. But since I was warned not to take Mia off gluten 100% all at once because she could have a bad reaction, I don’t feel like we messed that bad for just our second day.

Gluten free rice krispies and bananas
1 bite of Blake’s cereal which was NOT gluten free (oops Chloe and Blake got home late last night from a youth retreat and I didn’t have a chance to tell them)

Broccoli Cheddar Rice

a little ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoe, apple sauce, corn

A few slip ups at dinner. Avah was slipping pieces of her roll to Mia under the table. And Mia ate Paul’s crust off his cheesecake.

But pretty good since we were at our church Harvest dinner.

Behavior- again today was a little different with church twice. Daddy was with us all day. Back and forth from home to church. She only threw a fit once when she wanted a bag of rolls and I said no. It was short lived and she got over pretty quick. She
Seemed more alert, outgoing and awake today. I felt like she felt better.
Tomorrow will be the true test. Daddy is back to work.

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One thought on “Day 2 Gluten Free

  1. I find that if you raise the amount of protein in the food, going gluten free is easier on the one going gluten free. Watch subbing in a lot of other carbs; yes, children need carbs, but not nearly as many as the FDA would like you to believe. :/

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