Day 3 Gluten Free

Well I am not sure why but it’s 2:30am. Mia woke to 3 different muscle cramps in her right forearm. She has been trying to get back to sleep but keeps getting muscle cramps in her calves. Yesterday was not 100% gluten free… she did have 1/2 choc chip cookie, 3 bites of a white roll, 1 bite of unapproved cereal, and she devoured the crust of her brothers pie. Not sure if these are related but she didnt have any gluten on day 1 and zero cramping at night(which isn’t the norm).

3am- leg cramps

8am- Mia is a hot mess. Woke up with a hang nail… Temper fit after temper fit.

10:15am- still going strong
Still no appetite…

10:30am- gluten free granola bar

11:30am- attitude improving and she ate some grapes.

1pm- Asian noodles(don’t have the photo of the package but will post a photo soon

2pm- napped for 1 1/2 hour … Super sweet Mia is back

4pm- She had another GF granola bar and a banana.

5pm- 2 Slices of gluten free pizza

Tonight she went right to sleep no issues. It was a perfect gluten free today. Praying she has a good night.:)
Me and my hubby went to Trader Joe’s and GE Market district for some goodies

Little girls were super excited.:)

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