Day 1 Gluten Free

So far so good. Mia is not that picky with food. The issue is getting her to eat more than one bite without saying her stomach hurts. Here’s the food:
5-6 bites of Gluten free Rice Krispies with banana
Strawberry and banana worm

Made by her loving sister Camye.
Snack- 5-6 bites of waffle with home made maple syrup (made by daddy)

Smells like cake mix. Tastes like waffles.
Peanut butter/apple/grapes rice cake
Asian rice noodles

She thought this was extremely cool.

Big sister Avah is getting in on the gluten free action.
Baked Spinach, Pepper Jack Chicken breast and broccoli casserolle (bad picture)

Orange Marshmallow smoothie

Any improvements?
Well it’s hard to tell because Daddy is home. Mia is always better for Daddy. But he was outside working, she did not throw as many fits, or call anyone any names. She fell asleep within seconds for a short little nap. Today has been an improvement but we shouldn’t see much of an Improvement for 2 weeks.

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