Stubborn Mom’s Get Answers

Something is always hurting. We see the top specialists in the area. We have a well known international adoption pediatrician, We have seen infectious disease, hematologists, sleep centers, the director of ENT, well known genetic specialist, urologists… We have covered our basis. Everything comes back perfect. Mia is perfect. There is not a thing wrong…
BUT something is always wrong.
Here are her symptoms:
-fever with vomiting every 6-8 weeks(drops2-3 pounds everytime)
-muscle pain
-muscle cramps
-muscle tenderness
-low muscle tone
-dental issues
-irrational behavior
-temper fits
-blood levels that show blood clotting issues( still checking on this)
-FTT failure to thrive
-sleep disturbances
-no appetite
-cracked lips
Something is wrong here. Doctor appointment after doctor appointment…. Nothing is wrong… Thats just Mia. So I googled… And googled. And what I came up with was gluten intolerance could be causing the problems. What else can it be? At suggestions? Something is wrong?
So we are giving it a try. It can’t hurt. I am going to post our first week plan as I go with photos.
Say a prayer as I try to get Mia completely gluten free.
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