Pure Craziness

This weekend has been exactly that. We went down to the kids church camp in WV.

Just in time for the shaving creme fight. I will upload the big kids pics off my camera.

Avah wasted no time getting in on that.

Mia ran around with some on two fingers… Really living it up! Haha

Camye singing in the choir. She has such a beautiful voice.

Camye performing with her drama class.

We are home.. And we have 24 hours to get our kids back to another church camp. Lord help me. 7 loads of laundry.. Left half of it at my parents… Which Kenny will be getting early In the morning. I think I can…I think I can.

Anyway … I am saying all that to say my house is a mess.

But Avah was too cute climbing in her shopping Cart. Ignore the mess.

Before she flipped out.. Mia being goofy.:)…as usual.

Kids totally crashed….

The view from my brothers log cabin… Gorgeous!!!!

Lovely, old, nasty, stuffed raccoon… Paul insisted upon having at my mamaws auction.

Mia said mommy cheese!!!

Going to miss my older 3 again like crazy!!! Ready for this camp craziness to be over!!!

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