Camp Fun

I grew up going to the same camp, my kids attended last week.
This is photo of the same hills in West Virginia that I grew up seeing. This camp has a breathtaking view. I went to camp for 8 years and counseled for 4 years.
I do love sending my kids back to this camp, I have only wonderful memories of Camp Appalachia.

Camye takes my sewing every year with my best friend Tina P. i used to be the teacher when I counseled. Camye was soaked from rain but working on her sock monkey.

Chloe working diligently on her wood burning. You have to be 12 years old to take this class and my two kids over 12… Love this class!

Chloe with her drama class.. A Superhero skit.

And the mudslide…. Blake totally rocks sliding through this.

Camye is a little bit more girly but she did it.

Chloe sat on the sidelines watching…;) imagine that.

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