A different pace..

This week my three older kids are away at church camp. I miss them terribly. But I am embracing the extra time I have to play with my littles… Sew.. .Be crafty…make small family food(prepackaged)(and yes I think 3 kids is small family) haha…

I have totally been getting my craft on. My sister in law, Taylor, gave me the idea of a burlap wreath. I think it’s cute. I need bigger ribbon for a bigger bow on top.

Cute little christmas tree shirt…

The girls working ever so hard on a special gift for a special friend.:) they twisted and twisted and twisted… And were so proud of themselves. I let them think they tied it!

A little kimchi bap with Gim…oh and a ton of soy sauce!:)

Playing in the rain…does the picture below make you think of Little House on the Prairie! It did me!

Jumping in puddles…

And getting soaked!

Notice little Pauly isn’t in any of these pictures. He said keep the blog about the littles.. I am a big.:-/ my little guy is growing up.

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