Nesting like a crazy woman

So I am totally and utterly out of control….I mean…out.of.control.

I am nesting like I am expecting quadruplets.

I used an entire ream of paper printing…printing what you may ask?

Well….I have committed to teaching the preschool class on Sunday mornings for the next several months. So I have 52 weeks of coloring sheets and crafts for each lesson.

I have written and printed all these different possible puppet scripts, mass media ideas.

We are starting a new iPro program on Wednesday night teaching I have all the games, crafts and lessons planned for that for of course 31 weeks.:)

VBS is planned planned and planned some more.

And of course where I am putting all these fabulous printables….of course..right into file folders.I have used 110 file folders. What???? I had to organize my prining craziness.

I am sick…I need travel call ASAP!

So while I was waiting for more ink to be put into our printer, I decided to freezer cook 25 meals…see below.

Baked Creamy Spaghetti
French Beef Dip
Lasagna- My moms recipe:)
Chicken Pot Pie
Chicken Fajitas
Ranch Chicken
Italian Chicken
Creamy Broccolli Casserolle

Most of these are put in a ziploc bag and put right into my crock pot.

So you probably noticed…these recipes are from Pinterest….but they are not freezer recipes. I get tired of the freezer recipes….freeze whatever you want!! Just know that creme sauces separate. Someone asked me if you should freeze in aluminum…I dont have a clue. I prefer ziploc bags so I can dump it into my crock pot (of course with a crock pot liner) but I like my lasagna and chicken pot pies neat so they are in aluminum.

Now tomorrow for supper we are having  Spaghetti looks incredible!!

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