When is Avah coming home?

So I hear this question alot lately? Not from my friends or family…but from Mia and Paul.

I cant blame them…look at that doll baby!! Her friends are home with their families and doing wonderful!!

So here are my thoughts on travel…all of our paperwork is ready and waiting at the Korean agency. We believe she was submitted to the ministry, the first week of April. Of course, we have no confirmation of that. But we wont get into that on this very public blog. The reason we believe she has been submitted is because a healthy referral with a 3/19/12 paperwork date was submitted with another US agency, and THEY were given confirmation. Check out my timeline, we are a 2/1/12 paperwork date (ATK).

I am now calling every day to see if her Visa Interviewed has been scheduled….usually travel calls come right before, same day or day after the interview. I will take any of the above mentioned times…:)

Some are guessing travel calls tomorrow…honestly I feel Monday will be her Visa Interview…just a thought….

We will be taking Mia and Chloe with us this time. It will be such a good experience for Chloe (she raised the money for her ticket)and a chance for Mia to see her foster family again.

Chloe will be blogging soon and the entire time she is in Korea as well.:)

Stay tuned….more exciting blogs to come!:):)

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