-DaVinci Fun-

Today the kids and I went on a fun field trip with our homeschool friends to the Leonardo DiVinci invention museum.

This was a great reminder of how i love to homeschool! Hands on!! Lots of fun Learning!!

First our group of friends, met at the church where we have coop and learn about DiVinci. Such a genious!! I had no idea!! I honestly learned so much!

Here is Mia sitting with Chloe and her high school friends! Yes that is Blake back there with his hand raised so high!!:)

This is terrible but I thought this picture was too cute.. If you can’t read the sign above Mia.. It’s says Do not climb.;)

Mia loved this cannon…

Soo much.. She climbed into it when we weren’t looking!!!;)

Camye, Ashlee and Kaley finishing their quizzes at the exhibit.

Best one I got.. My friend Allison got a better one!!

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