-Little Girls Room-

I have a wonderful…fabulous….thoughtful…Godly friend, Tina. She is one of the most wonderful friends, I could ever imagine.

She came up and showed off what she can really do. She has been hiding behind medical transcription for 20 years. She is an artist!!!


Mia keeps saying, “I lobe my room and Abah’s room. See my name and Abah’s name in Hangul.”

Close up of the cherry blossom tree….ignore the quality of my Iphone photos….

Gorgeous….I ordered 2 kil.sook prints on December 29th….hoping and praying they come in. They go below the branch.:)

I love hearing Mia say. I love my room, Mama. And I Love Miss Tina.

Miss Tina may have announcement soon as her husband told me on Facebook that they were working on getting her a little friend soon.

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3 thoughts on “-Little Girls Room-

  1. You are too, too kind my best friend! I loved painting for your angels! Like I said before "You change lives….I paint pictures!" You are an inspiration! I hope to be more like you everyday!

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