~A Shout Out~

Life…what an adventure.
Daily, I am reminded of his goodness.
And my failures.
My sins.
Driving the nails in.
Of his Awesomeness.

This is a shout out to all the moms. 
The moms who send their kids to school.
The moms who home school.
The moms who have 10 children.
The moms who have 1 child.
The moms who have lost a child or more.
The women who are mothers at heart…waiting for their child.
The women who may never have a child of their own.
But more and more recently, I have been wanting to give a shout out to those moms who work. I know some of you might be surprised, that I am not really the against.women.working, public.school.hating, denim.skirt.wearing, Burkenstock, against.vaccines, or hippy mother.
Honestly, I am not. Although I do find those homeschoolers to be much more interesting, than the Sonoma or Adoption tshirts and jeans I prefer to wear.
Below is my kitchen…..on a typical school morning. Mia took this picture a few weeks ago. 
I almost deleted it. But for some reason, I kept it.
Its a real picture of  how a weekend day runs around here.
Stacks of books.3 laptops.3 IPods, pencils. erasers. Legos. backpacks.worksheets.drinks.diet coke.Lys*l wipes.of course.breakfast all over the counter.
You get the picture.
A mess.

This mess happens while I am sitting right there. This my view every weekday morning.
It stresses me out. I need to grocery shop. I need to make the kids lists. Prepare for bible class I teach. Prepare for Wednesday night bible study. I need to blog. I need to wake up extra early to do my devotion. I need to plan VBS. I need to get the 3 puppet teams more in sync. I need to mail bills. I need to love my husband. I need to clean out the van. I need to call a friend. I need to plan a family vacation. I need clean clothes. I need to diet today. I need to put on makeup. I need to clean up. I need to use some of those beloved Lys*l wipes. I need to take a bath and the list goes on and on. I need to curl up on the couch and listen to my child read. And you all know I need to check the adoption forums to find out when is Avah coming home.


what if I had to work a job on top of live out what can only be a direct command from the Savior to my heart…because there is no other way I am homeschooling 5 going on 6 kids on my own. NO.WAY.

If had a job..I would have to do the things up above AND go to work.
If they do not go to work….they may work at home.
Yes some people have to work.
Its not wrong.
Its not sinful.
Its not anything to be judged for.
But something to look at in AWE….she works at home and has a job out of the house.
What?? Like the Proverbs 31 woman..yes it is even scriptual.

I have an incredible friend. Who works…and home schools. Yes she needs an award or something.

We have no idea what goes in everyone’s daily life.
We have no reason to judge  another person’s life.
God has made each and everyone of us different.
We have different needs and wants.
I need diet.coke. and a new purse on occasion.
No big deal…..

Today, I went to an awesome Home school convention. 
I had realization today….that with life comes change. I have been expecting too much of my kids and myself. We are struggling with Algebra. I need more time to do History and Science…the way my dream home school will run. But guess what…I don’t have the time. That was making me so incredibly sad. I love the Charlotte Mason method. I love Apologia Science. But it wasn’t happening.
There is a great family, the Queen family that has their own booth at our home school fair. She has many children and has been through about all of it. There website is http://www.queenhomeschool.com. She knows what it is like to have a high schooler that you need to prepare for college plus also have toddlers at home. 
I know I should have this down, homeschooling down to an art….but I do not.
11 years simply has not been long enough for me to get it all.
I must be a slow learner.
But I have a plan for the 2012-2013 school year….and it makes me Rejoice. I am so thankful for being around my home school friends and being encouraged.
I have a plan…it doesn’t involve the curriculum I have heard to be so successful.
But it does involve what will work for each of my individual children.

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