Ungraceful Club

This seems to be a popular topic in the adoption world, right now.

Am I graceful waiter?

Or my favorite…I was a much more graceful waiter than you are.

Or relax, they will come home?

Here is my take on the situation:

December 2010…God lit my fire to get Mia home ASAP. Why? Because he knew Avah was coming home too. If things hadn’t happened the way they have for me. Mia wouldn’t be home and Avah possibly could age out. Yes aging out at age 5 years old!!!!!!

I know God’s timing is everything. HOWEVER…


Does it make it easier for my friend Amanda adopting her 5 year old who weighs 14 pounds?  Does it matter that she knows he doesn’t get fed on Sundays or have his diaper changed? Should she just patiently wait and not fight with all her might to get home ….expedited….? Should we wait gracefully if 4 children choked to death on their bottles because they didn’t have the strength to move their head to the side? Or how about when he does get his diaper changed on the 6 other days..its once per day? He isn’t held. Or touched. Shouldn’t she get to act and scream and eat loads of Reese Cups every day? if she wants….

Even Jesus overturned the tables in the temple. Is she wrong? For wanting to spit nails..am I wrong for throwing something? Or snapping at someone? Or not even being able to read good news because all I see is bad news?

DON’T judge other waiters…if you are waiting or IF YOU HAVE WAITED in the past. We are not on the same playing field. 2012 was supposed to be the magical number quoted by Korea to shut down international adoption.

If you waited 8 months in the past…you knew that going into. KNOWING..is awesome.
I have friends going on 2 years!!!!

If I knew Avah would be home on August 15th.
I wouldn’t like it.
But I could accept the known.
You cant accept the unknown.

Every adoption is different. Every single one. They cannot be compared.

So I will say this..Blog all you want about how you were such a graceful waiter for your children. How others should handle this situation? Judge however you wish. But we will fight until our children are home. Not something you have ever had to do. Because you knew.

The Wait is what you make it.
MY dear friend Amanda….would agree. Little Keith…is waiting everyday…for his daddy to show up and hold him again.
My friend Jen who is waiting for sweet Coralie….probably asking, Why aren’t they coming?
My friend Grace who is waiting for sweet shy little Sarah, may tear up when she hears Cora say this. But we think Sarah knows….she has had a recent improvement.

See that little girl…up there. Avah….I will bring her home. I may act ugly. I may say things I regret. You can blog all you want about us not being as holy or graceful as you. I don’t care.

How about this….I don’t want to be a graceful waiter. I don’t even think that is scriptural.
Put that in your pipe and smoke it, anything you find offensive.

*****DISCLAIMER: I can not be held accountable for anything written on this blog, because I am officially quitting the graceful waiting club. Not that i was ever a high ranking member.

To be a member of the UNgraceful waiting club…. Here are the rules.

1. You must write, delete, rewrite and redelete comments on adoption forums…because your thoughts are all over the place.
2. Chocolate…you must eat pounds and pounds of it…all sorts of types…..DAILY
3. Crying once a day is considered a good day.
4. Prayer on your knees…sobbing….with the water running so your kids cant hear you is essential.

There you have it!:)

Have a good day!!

5 thoughts on “Ungraceful Club

  1. Wendi you are amazing in my eyes! I totally understand WHY you are not a graceful waiter! You are a mommy on a mission to bring your precious Avah HOME! A mother is not one to be messed with when it comes to her children. It is hard waiting. Hearing the horror stories of how children are mistreated in orphanages makes it WORSE! You feel helpless even though you do everything in your power to expedite the adoption as fast as you can. Waiting on others, the gov't, the agencies, etc… all adds up to drive you nuts or at least feel like it. I have only been waiting 2 months but it feels like 1 year. I can tell you right now as hard as I try to be a graceful waiter, I AM NOT! Especially hearing the horror stories. I cry everyday because our stupid homestudy is not done! Come on it has been 2 stinking months. But we wait….wait on the gov't who messed up my fingerprints and just informed me they must be redone. It takes 15 days for those suckers to come back after they are done. So we know our homestudy won't be sent THIS month either. I hate the devil and the wrenches he throws in. I feel for you and your sisters who wait with you. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. I'm definitely a fit member for your club. I can pitch a good fit, cry while I cook unnoticed, and eat more Reece's than I care to admit on a good day and on bad day eat WAIT THERE IS NO WAY I'M GIVING THAT # OUT! The next time someone says something about "in God's time" (as if the devil isn't the one holding this up and keeping my 5 kids away from me) may get a slap that comes at them before they have time to duck. I can promise God is in control, but He gives people free will. He isn't the one who left my Keith in that shape any more than He is the one who handed Eve that fruit in the Garden! The world should duck, bc I'm a member of the "Ungraceful Club"!

  3. I love you too Sweet Wendi! I hate being a member of anything…..except being under the GRACE of God, for He is the only one that gives me breath, on days I did everything in the 'ungraceful' category….. By the time you hit adoption three…..you don't even turn the water on in the bathroom….you just all cry together!!! :O) Praying that sweet Avah is in your arms very soon.

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