I am sorry my blog stinks lately. I have a blog brewing in my mind some where. It just requires the time to sit down and do it. I love blogging from my phone but realize the quality isnt as nice as when I blog with real pictures from my camera and write better from my computer.

Oh well.. Here we go.

This is my most favorite all time picture! I even think they look alike! I am married to the most wonderful man in.the.entire.universe. Last night I was running Camye to a friends house, dress shopping with Chloe for the masquerade, and then taking her to a ice skating party. So Mia stayed home… I always worry if she is anxious … Well looking below was what I got about an hour into my errands!! I love it.

This is Mia’s best friend… Elle. Mia covered her in post it notes…. Thought it was so cute.

And more Avah Bows are Being mailed to me!!! 20 more! I have sold the first 10… And pretty sure the rest are sold as well.

I am off for a day alone with homeschool mom friends at a Homeschool Fair… No kids.

I believe I will start my day with a White Choc Mocha Frappuchino hold the whip at Starbucks.

Have a great day!:)

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