~God’s Rainbows~

Never before have I had a friend to teach me so much yet we have never met.
Never before have I followed an adoption story as heartbreaking as this.
Never before would I have believed with my own eyes.
Never underestimate the power of Satan.

God knew exactly what he was doing with that extra special chromosome when he blessed human beings with it. Have you noticed a child with this extra special chromosome who wasn’t smiling?
Have you ever been hugged randomly by a person blessed with this extra chromosome?
Have you ever been high-fived at Walmart….Have you ever laughed at…Have you ever made fun of….Have you felt sorry for the parents…..

SHAME on us! Shame…I have been following many blogs and have become friends with many people who are adopting from foreign countries, chromosomally enhanced children. I have looked so intently into these children’s eyes. You can see the hurt…the abuse…the neglect…the hunger not only for food…but for a glance…yes a GLANCE…little lone a touch. Where are we??? Where are the christians that should be flocking to adopt these children? Where am I?

But you know what else I see….I can’t even tell you what it is. These children are blessed, almost as if they have seen something we haven’t seen. I wonder if they haven’t seen a glimpse of heaven. SO happy…loving….feeling..You can look at these children and think it could NOT have been an accident or a mistake or a mutation. Look…you can’t miss God’s handiwork there. They are beautiful.

My friend blogs an incredible blog over at….click here… Gods Rainbows. They are bringing home 5 incredibly awesome children.

My friend’s husband is making the required one week visit to each child. They then must wait 4-6 more months to bring these children home.

Pray…pray big…pray like you have never EVER prayed before.

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