~Fun with Friends~

Mia loves her friend Bowdy. Bowdy goes to our church and homeschool coop. Today Bowdy’s mom left preschool for a well deserved break and I watched Bowdy. He is a mamas boy. So he was fussing, it was so cute. Mia says,” Baby, mommas always come back…all the time and every time.”

Hmm… Maybe she is catching on.

Bowdy was hoping mama would come back and rescue him from this little girl who kept rubbing him and saying its okay baby.

Mia and her best friend, Elle.


I am not sure what happened here. Mia and friends decided to be funny and were posing. Mia kept saying, “Hurry… Take a picture.”

Mia making her Hangul valentines.:)

Mia and Oppa Paul or as Mia likes to say little Oppa.


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